For your business to succeed, nothing better than knowing the habits, behaviors and tastes of your potential customer.

It is important to remember that, a few years ago, marketing was done through traditional media, such as TV and radio, and was designed for the general public. However, with the arrival of the internet, this movement changed.

The consumer's steps started to be monitored from the data metrics. With this, each click and page accessed became part of the marketing strategies.

The goal is always to reach the end consumer in the most personalized way possible. In this article, you will understand more about the following topics:


What is personalized marketing?

It is a set of branding methods that are based on the consumer profile . 

To achieve their goals, professionals in the area can work through some tips to outline good communication strategies and better relate to the target audience . Between them:

  • Products;
  • Services;
  • offers;
  • Contents;
  • Personalized experiences.

A good example of personalized marketing we can give is: when a consumer lands on a clothing store page. 

If this visitor left without buying anything, but left their email address on a form, the company can use this opportunity to get in touch offering a discount on that piece or an unmissable promotion.

How does personalized marketing work?

To work efficiently, a good application of Business Intelligence (BI) is required. Also known as BI marketing.

BI marketing is a great ally to perform analysis and income statements. This is because it is a set of techniques used to collect and analyze data from future customers.

This collection is transformed into clear, direct and very valuable information. So it is a very important step in the process.

As it is about collecting information from your consumers, it is necessary to pay attention to a very important point: they cannot have the feeling that they are being watched.

Otherwise, instead of a positive result, this wrongly applied strategy can alienate the customer.

Therefore, online ethics issues must be taken seriously. As well as customer privacy guidelines.

When using this method, collect the data transparently. This is essential so that the consumer does not feel cheated.

Main benefits and importance of investing in personalized marketing

Keep in mind that good marketing is marketing that doesn't look like marketing. This is a basic rule for the positive result.

Therefore, Business Intelligence must be applied in a way that values ​​the customer. That is, the consumer needs to feel exclusive and with a high degree of satisfaction.

This means offering what he will see as something unique. That way, the chance of him becoming a loyal customer is very high.

This strategy builds a less superficial relationship with those on the other side. And this relationship also becomes more transparent and true.

Therefore, it is critical to make correct use of Business Intelligence . Thus, new customers are conquered. In addition, those older ones remain faithful.

Personalized marketing challenges

If you've come this far, you've already understood that the main objective of the whole process is to interact with the public. This interaction must always be personalized, according to behaviors and tastes.

For this, it is necessary to have access to different materials collected through Business Intelligence.

Nowadays, having information about customers is a real treasure map for companies.

It is necessary to take into account that the number of data is very large. Because of this, the challenge becomes precisely to gather and analyze all this collection.

This entire bank must be turned into relevant materials for the marketing team. And that, of course, is no easy task.

That said, it is important to highlight the importance of effective BI marketing.

Bonus: Brands that execute great personalized marketing actions

So that you have a practical idea and can visualize the results, below are some examples of brands that used the strategy correctly and positively, see:


Anyone who uses the streaming service knows that the catalog is diverse. But you also know that the movies on offer are usually in the genre you usually watch.

In this way, the service makes the viewer's life easier and keeps him loyal.


The company knows very well how to use the BI marketing strategy to its advantage.

Just search for a product. From there, all the offers about him start to appear, in some way, for you.

That's because your information is very well stored and transformed into sales tools.


Anyone who uses the application knows that, when choosing a song, several others of the same style are played next.

The secret, once again, is in the data. Very well compiled by an effective Business Intelligence .

Where to start with good personalized marketing?

The first step is to define who your target audience is.

Which customer do you want to reach? After that, choose a competent BI marketing strategy, so that the data is collected and transformed into useful materials for the company.

It is these relevant materials that help the professional or the marketing team when defining effective processes.

Remember that, as already said in the topic about the challenges, the number of dice is very large. So stay tuned for the information that really matters to your business.

The result of positive customer impact

Finally, it is never too much to emphasize that marketing, especially digital marketing, is essential to impact the customer.

With the use of Business Intelligence it is possible to work in a personalized way. Marketing done in this way guarantees a much more direct and stronger effect on the customer.

And this result, of course, can be reversed in sales and revenue growth . After all, these two factors are the ultimate goals of a business.