Slug Generator.

Text to slug generator is a quick, simple, and smart online tool for creating search engine and user-friendly URLs. 

What is a web URL slug?

A web URL slug is the part of the web link that comes at the very end and contains the exact location of a specific web page on your website; in other words, it usually translates the words in the web link's address. Your website's content will be easier for visitors to understand, and your SEO will improve if your slugs are informative and short.


What is a slug generator?

A SLUG generator is a free online tool that automatically transforms text or words into a search engine and human-readable web URL slug.

Similarly to a post article's title, the URL slug simply conveys the subject of the page or post. Because every word in the URL slug is separated by a dash, it has an SEO format in both humans and crawlers can understand.


What is the importance of web URLs in SEO?

  • A web URL can be used to explain the information on a page to both search engines and website visitors.
  • Since we regularly publish links on social media, URLs must be simple to read and understand.
  • To increase click-throughs to the pages on your website, make the links simple to understand.


Online convert your text into a slug

Common phrases can be turned into accessible and search engine-friendly domain names by creating slugs for them. There are several ways to create URL-friendly domain names and permalinks using plain text. Slugging is a frequent technique to turn a phrase or name into a brief, distinctive, and web-friendly term. WordPress uses "slug" URLs to generate distinct "permalink" addresses for each post and page. Therefore, if you want to add a feature that turns regular text into a link that is optimized for search engines, I'm going to reveal a straightforward jQuery plugin that can assist.

Muhammad Naeem Sajid