Is Digital Storytelling a term you don't know yet? This is the strategy of the century. After all, marketing is guided by stories and has the ability to help you achieve your business goals.

Storytelling is widely used in TV, marketing and advertising. This is because the technique helps to promote companies and make sales indirectly, but with a persuasive character.

The point is that like everything else in the world, the strategy has also undergone changes due to the advancement of technology and society. Consumers today don't just want great products to buy and services that make their lives easier, they also want to feel connected to brands.

Digital storytelling is the key to this as it combines the power of a good marketing story with modern and innovative tools to reach target audiences effectively.

To help you understand the strategy more and learn how to put it into practice in your business, check out the full content we have prepared for you below:

What is digital storytelling?

To be clear, the difference between storytelling and digital storytelling is nothing more than the media. While the traditional is linked to physical resources and offline, the digital is the adaptation to the online world.

That is, the second delivers the same message, only through digital tools, materials and communication methods.

Therefore, you will find Digital Storytelling in videos, digital images, written text, audio and even on social media such as tweets, Instagram Stories and so on.

Still, digital stories follow the same principle as traditional storytelling as they are thought to be highly engaging and emotionally compelling, with the aim of creating a strong connection with a target audience.

What are the benefits of digital stories?

When you invest in Digital Storytelling, there are countless benefits you can offer your brand, such as:

  • Brand humanization;
  • Generating interesting and “shareable” content;
  • Delivering value to the public, capable of empowering, informing and inspiring the public;
  • SEO Boost;
  • Differentiation from competitors;
  • Stimulation of a sense of community;
  • Building customer loyalty.

These are the main benefits, but we can still cite the audience engagement with your brand on social media, the ease of connecting with people and so on.

How to build a Digital Storytelling Strategy?


If you want to be successful with your Digital Storytelling strategy, you first need to understand that people connect with real people and stories.

That is, if your digital stories are authentic and genuine, they are more likely to connect with your audience.

However, it's no use having the best story in the world if it's to be kept in the drawer, is it?

So make sure it's easy to view and interact across multiple devices so they move around more easily.

Also, scale your stories. A shorter or simpler story is much more effective than a long, elaborate story that feels rushed or incomplete.

And this can happen when the team responsible for creating the story runs out of time or resources to finish it as it should.

Finally, always monitor the results brought by the strategy. When you test your ideas using multiple versions of the same story, you arrive at the ideal model.

But for that, apply the digital story across different tools and platforms, use an approach for each way you test and compare the results obtained in each situation.

The 4 ways to start a successful Digital Storytelling

Now, practically speaking about creating a good Digital Storytelling, always take into account 4 crucial points:

  1. Product Placement;
  2. Narratology;
  3. Brand personality;
  4. pop culture.

Product Placement

You know when you're watching a movie and you spot a specific product on the scene?

This happens because when brands include in the narratives that are related to the use of their product or the purpose of the brand, the item gains more strength in the consumer's mind and generates positive triggers for the purchase.


Narratology is when you develop a story to explain why the company, product or service is the ideal solution for the target audience or a market reference.

And it's ideal to make it clear when thinking about your Digital Storytelling strategy.

Brand Personality

Ever heard of archetypes? They are mental models that position your brand in the minds of customers.

When you work your brand archetype well in the consumer's mind, you are naturally designing your brand personality for them. This is key to creating connection.

pop culture

When we talk about pop culture we are referring to the popular. That is, what is popular on the internet or even viral, who knows?

The point is: keep up with market trends!

When you absorb references from the market to work with and relate them to your product or company, the chance of your content going viral is even greater.

Telling digital stories is the key and ideal innovation for your business success!

So, is it clear to you what Digital Storytelling is and how the strategy can deliver incredible results for your company?

Telling digital stories is the most promising way to connect with people on the internet today and it will hardly go out of style, after all since the world is a world people connect with people, so the market demand is precisely to humanize brands every time.

Adapt this reality to your business in the best possible way and achieve results you never imagined achieving.