Hexadecimal uses sixteen different symbols; in the case of CSS color, the values 0 to 9 are represented by the symbol 0-9 (obviously), and the values 10 to 15 are represented by the symbols A, B, C, D, E, and F. Therefore, you can represent 16 values using a single Hexadecimal character. You can represent 256 (16*16) values using just two hexadecimal digits. We use three pairs of hexadecimal symbols to represent the RGB colors Red, Green, and Blue (R, G, and B values range from 0 to 255).

HEX And RGB Color Values

The same red, green, and blue color values are referred to by both the acronyms RGB and HEX. A set of three numbers is used instead of letters to identify HEX and RGB, two color coding systems. The CSS file format, for example, allows for the use of HEX numbers in coding.
The red color level can be found by converting the first two decimal places of the hexadecimal color code. The middle two digits of the hexadecimal color code's decimal value can be used to determine the green color level.

How To Change A HEX Color To An RGB Color?

Let's examine the process for converting hexadecimal color codes to RGB colors.

HEX Color Code

Hexadecimal (base 16) color codes are composed of six digits:
The first two leftmost digits represent Red.
The middle two digits represent green.
The rightmost two digits stand for the color blue.

RGB Color Code

Red, Green, and Blue colors are combined to form the RGB color:
(R, G, B)
The red, green, and blue each use 8 bits, with integer values ranging from 0 to 255.
Consequently, there can be generated:
256×256×256 = 16777216 = 100000016

HEX to RGB Conversion

To determine the level of red, take the first two digits of the hex color code and convert them to decimal values.
To determine the level of green, take the hex color code's two middle digits and convert them to decimal values.
The blue color level can be determined by taking the two correct hexadecimal digits and converting them to a decimal value.

Muhammad Naeem Sajid