Word Counter

Count your words and characters with just Copy and paste your text into the textarea to count its words and characters.

Word Counter

Do you wish to know the word count of your document? Are you looking for a tool that will make it simple and quick for you to count the words in your text? If so, a word counter on the internet is the ideal solution for you.

Softtecho's online editor can help you improve your word choice and writing style in addition to word count and character counts. It can also help you detect plagiarism and detect grammar errors. Just start typing with your cursor in the text box above to check the word count.

As you type, delete, and edit them, you'll notice how many characters and words there are. The word counter online tool also allows you to copy and paste text from another program. When editing, the Auto-Save feature will ensure that you don't lose any chances, even if you leave the site and return later.

With the help of a case converter, you can quickly format any text. Any text can be easily changed to be in proper sentence case, lower case, or upper case. The ability to change the case of text is greatly aided by this tool. You should be able to change the case of words in Excel if you use it. If there is a case or grammar error, words in Microsoft Word are automatically highlighted.


How does Case Converter Tool work?

Select the best option from the list of text options provided by this software. Softtecho's case converter tool is not based on any novel scientific principles, so using it does not necessitate having a unique set of skills or knowledge.
Simply enter the text you wish to convert in the input field, then select one of the following possibilities: To be more specific, using a Case Converter Tool effectively requires only using common sense.

How Is The Text Formatting Tool Used?

By adjusting and maintaining the text, the case converter tool is used to convert titles from title case to sentence case, uppercase from lowercase, and lowercase from uppercase. Enter the phrase or paragraphs by copying and pasting them into the box. UPPERCASE, LOWERCASE, NORMAL TEXT, or SENTENCE CASE are available. A "Convert" button will then appear. A capitalization style will be applied to your text. The converted text can now be picked out and copied.


What Are The Benefits Of Using A Case Converter?

  • All text formatting issues can be resolved with a case converter tool. 
  • The primary benefit of using this text tool is that it makes it simple to change the uppercase text to lowercase with just one button press when you accidentally leave the caps to lock key on while writing.
  • You can save time by simply pasting the converted text by fixing text case errors.
  • Make the first letter of the text capitalized.
  • With the text as-is option, remove incorrect capitalization.
  • By changing it to plain text, remove any unnecessary formatting.


What Are The Case Converter's Options' Capabilities?

Uppercase: All input characters can be changed using this option to capitalize them all, as seen in the text button. For instance, the uppercase converter will change the input text "My Document" to "MY DOCUMENT."

Lower Case: All input characters will be converted using this button to lowercase letters, as seen in the text button. For instance, it will change the input text "WHAT'S YOUR NAME" to "what's your name."

Capitalized Case: Every word, including conjunctions, prepositions, and articles, will have its first letter capitalized (variant from Title Case). For example, if the input text is "I love playing football," it will be converted to "I Love Playing Football."

Title Case Converter: Prepositions, conjunctions, and articles will be out of context when this button is used because it capitalizes the first letter of every word. The text will be converted to "All about My Friends and Family," for instance, if the input text is "All about my friends and family."

Sentence Case Button: By using a sentence case converter, the first letter of each sentence will only be capitalized, with the remaining letters becoming lowercase.


The Functionality Of the Case Converter

You can choose the ideal text versatility you require from this software. Our converting tool is not based on any novel scientific principles, so using it doesn't require you to have any specialized knowledge or abilities. Simply enter the text you wish to convert into the appropriate input field, then select from the choices listed below: To make the most of a case converter tool, you simply need to use common sense.


Saving You Valuable Time With Case Converter

Changing cases can be time- and energy-consuming. The best course of action is to remember a few essentials. When we use capital letters, look at this:


The Phrase Beginning

With capital letters, we start sentences. Simple and obvious is the cause. The sentences are separated in this way to make it simpler to understand the information.

Proper Names

Days of the week, months, organizations, places, businesses, planets, etc., are all listed in a chart of subcategories with their appropriate names. As in Monday, March, Harvard University, Mount Everest, Samsung, Saturn, etc., we will always begin a word with an uppercase letter in all of these instances.



We capitalize titles given to people if they come before their names (President Drew Gilpin Faust). But we use lowercase if the title comes after (Drew Gilpin Faust, president of Harvard University). Regarding the title of the book, movie, etc., we capitalize the words per the rules for the title case. You needn't be concerned because you can use an online text case converter. The text you require will be changed precisely.


What is the word count?

The total number of words in a paragraph or written work is known as the word count. When a manuscript must adhere to a word count, word counting could be necessary. This could be especially true in the fields of academics, law, media, and advertising. The quantity of words is commonly used by translators to determine the cost of a job. Word counts can also be used to determine readability metrics as well as to assess typing and reading rates. In general, 5 or 6 characters are chosen as the unit of measurement for English words when translating character counts to words.


What is a word counter?

The number of words in a piece of content is now a crucial metric in the digital age. A person's writing productivity can be increased by using a word counter. Many word counter tools are available online and can be used for free. Word or character counter is very helpful if you are getting paid to write content for a blog, website, book, or any other publication.

Additionally, when a translator translates from one language into another, they are paid on a per-word basis. The quickest and easiest method for counting the words in any written work is to use an online word counter. Depending on the specifications of a particular project, the word count may change.

The website owner or blogger should have a target word count for each piece of content for a web page or blog to prepare it for search engine optimization. Due to its ability to increase site traffic and revenue, SEO is crucial to a website's success. Most website owners typically hire freelance writers because they are so busy running their businesses.


Why use a word counter?

Several factors make word count important. For starters, it can assist you in staying within the boundaries established by publishers or other authorities regarding the length of your document.

Additionally, counting your words can help you find errors in your writing; if you're exceeding the word count, you probably have too many of them. Lastly, by highlighting the areas where you need to focus on reducing unnecessary language, word counts can help you improve your writing style.


How do the tools function?

There are various approaches to word tally. You can do it by hand, with the aid of a program, online service, or both. Software that counts the words in a document is known as a word-counting program. Word counting features are included in some word processors, including Microsoft Word and Pages for Mac.

There are add-on modules for other programs that can count the words in a document, including Adobe Acrobat and Antenna House Formatter. An online tool called a word counter can be used to count the words in a document. Additionally, a word counter in word keeps track of character counts and can ensure that your documents stay within character limits.

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