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Use Softtecho Image to Text Converter, Copy your link and Paste Image Url into the input field box or upload picture and click on convert Button.

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How to convert image to text?

image to text tool convert text from image, screenshot, documents or any image with a few characters.

Convert your image to text with the above softtecho tool, follow the given steps below:

  • Use the upload image button to add a picture. If you want to minimize, maximize, or crop your image, you can use our tools.
  • You can also use image URL for image to text
  • Click convert button for image to text process.
  • Now you will get the text on image from the text container and you can copy your text.


Image to text converter: What is it?

Photo to Text, also known as an image to text converter, is an online software or tool. With the help of online OCR technology, we can make it able to convert text from images.

This free online OCR software extracts the characters from a picture into digitally designated plain characters. This online tool can convert any sort of text onto an image, and you can also use it as a photo to word converter to easily extract text onto any photo straight from the image, instead of going through the hassle of typing.

This online tool, photo to text transformer, is a service that enables you to upload any photo file, analyse the text in it, and then change the typed, printed, or handwritten text in the photo into a plain text file that you can easily edit, share, and download on your computer.


Importance of image to text converter?

There are numerous reasons to using this tool, some of which include:

  • You are able to do a lot of work fast with this tool.
  • With this OCR, you can retrieve text in a short amount of time while saving valuable time.
  • From all of your business documents, you may extract the text and save it in one specific place. Research and audit papers may be made using this data.
  • You may convert appealing social media images into text that you can use whenever you want.


Where can we use image to text converter?

When the tends of image to text conversion come, OCR Online is a unique technology that allows you to carefully evaluate a photo and detect any written, typed, or printed text that exists on it. Later, you may translate this material and utilise it for publishing projects, word processing, or other text-related uses. OCR Online is a free and hugely efficient method for converting an image into computer text using either electronic or mechanical means. Online OCR converters are frequently used with scanned documents, and they are particularly useful if you need to copy from an image but don't want to type.


How can I convert text from handwritten notes?

  • Take a photo of the hand written note using a camera.
  • Use the softtecho text to image converter.
  • Upload the picture and click convert.
  • Anyone may save or copy the text.

Muhammad Naeem Sajid