Keyword Planner is essential for planning any digital marketing project. Find out how to structure, target and optimize your content strategy in this article.

The keyword planner is an essential tool for digital marketing strategies, whether in terms of organic traffic or even sponsored links.

This is because this tool enables correct planning and predictability of results. Thus directing the production of assets and ads to the correct audience, in addition to projecting the growth of audience capture and leads.

For these and other reasons, no good marketing strategy starts without a good study, and study doesn't happen without a good keyword planner.

Want to know more about this tool and how to use it? Check out the information we brought you in this content!


How to use surveys to create content and improve organic traffic?

It is essential to use research in creating content and improving organic traffic. To do this, you first need to use the keyword planner to find the words that are most relevant to your business.

With the choice and subsequent study of keywords, it's time to work with them within your marketing strategy.

So, the keyword planner helps you choose the right keywords to use in your marketing plan.

How does the keyword planner work?

If you are looking for a keyword planner, you surely know what this tool is. But how does it work? How to choose keywords for your marketing processes?

Well, the planner works as follows: first, you must search for words or phrases that are related to your products and services, your interest search.

The planner can also provide price estimate for each keyword. So you can work within the advertising budget and even establish it through this information.

With the keywords chosen, you can focus on your advertising plan. Thus, the keyword planner starts to help you to make the plan more complete.

Instructions: how to choose and use keywords

Using the keyword planner can be difficult, especially for people who don't know much about the subject and want to know how to choose keywords. Therefore, keyword study and usage instructions are essential.

Here are the basic instructions for using the keyword planner:

  • Create a keyword plan;
  • Understand the prediction of the chosen keywords;
  • Edit ad groups and location targeting;
  • Create your campaign based on marketing plans.

How to analyze the results presented

With the keyword research done, it's time to analyze the results obtained. The study of keywords is done through this analysis, resulting in 3 fundamental pieces of information:


You can monitor your competition through this tool and your keyword usage. You can analyze the number of ads for each keyword searched. Thus, the higher the competition for that word, the more expensive it will be.

Average monthly searches

With the keyword planner, you can know the average number of searches for each keyword. That is, it is possible to know how many people searched for a certain keyword.

Therefore, it is possible to choose keywords that have more hits. This generates a lot more views on your finished campaign.

suggested bid

The suggested bid for each keyword is calculated considering the advertisers' cost per click. That is, the suggested bid depends on the advertisers and their investment in a given word.

It is important to be aware of the suggested bid, as these values ​​can vary greatly in a short time.