Combining marketing automation with your company's emails is a strategy for yesterday. Personalized messages and less manual work can make the difference in your sales.

The way of doing digital marketing is updated as the tools are renewed. One of the indispensable techniques for those who want to grow, and reach the target audience, is the relationship ruler.

This is a set of strategies that use email marketing automation to more easily and accurately win over those people who matter to your business.

In this way, you can attract customers to different stages of the sales funnel based on their behaviors and decisions within your website.

From a welcome message to a product reminder that was searched by the user at some point.
Learn more about this tool and follow, from now on, the following topics:

What is a Relationship Ruler?

The relationship ruler is a set of actions that works to send personalized messages to potential consumers.

It is important, however, to point out that one should not distribute messages in a random and intense way , as this can generate the opposite effect to what was expected.

When thinking about shipments, consider where in the customer journey that contact is.

Sending something very advanced can generate strangeness, the same occurs when consumer pains are not properly addressed. So keep in mind that:

  • Top of the funnel: Moment of brand recognition, it is at this point that the company should be concerned with attracting potential customers;
  • Middle of the funnel: Here the concern is to increase the relevance and value captured by the user, converting leads into sales opportunities;
  • Bottom of the funnel: At this stage, the company prepares to close the sale and take advantage of the opportunity created in the previous steps.

However, regardless of which stage of the funnel it is in, the person who receives the contact must always be persuaded by the message.

Thus, she also feels valued, which creates a feeling of exclusivity, which often leads to loyalty.

A good relationship with the public is undeniable: it is necessary to create this bond. And this process helps position your business in the market.

How does Marketing Automation work?

In general terms, this process uses technology in your company's favor, reducing manual work and increasing efficiency.

With the use of the right data and strategies, your business can, for example, send messages in a very personalized way.

The relationship ruler, which we mentioned earlier, enters this example of marketing automation.

Many people mistakenly think that this process concerns simple and not very effective tools, such as the popular “follow back” on Instagram. But this process goes much further than that.

A quality strategy is customizable and scalable , so it reaches the right people. Thus, you generate leads and, based on the behavior of each of them, distribute accurate content.

Captivating users increases your sales, reduces the time from the process to the final steps, and of course, retains the target audience in your content.

Automation and email marketing create a relationship ruler

Using email marketing the right way can generate a significant increase in your sales.

Imagine, then, automating this process, but without losing the authenticity and personalization of each message. This is possible with a relationship ruler.

But first, it is necessary to go through a development stage and feed this tool in the best way to reap the rewards.

Think about the target audience

The target audience is the beginning of your relationship ruler. You need to think about the people you are going to connect with.

It is possible, within that, to segment them to different paths of sending these emails – all based on their online behavior.

Find out what your pains are and how your company can solve them , be ready for any questions that may appear. Always stay one step ahead to surprise them.

Content always matters

Welcome message, birthday, end of year and even “hello, gone”… Each step matters and helps that potential customer to remain interested and navigating through the solutions that your business offers.

When the response is good, the contact evolves to more direct emails about sales and feedback.

The Internet's Journey

The person who enters your site always leaves traces. Either through the keyword used in the Google search or through the path taken by your page.

The relationship ruler will unite all this to, from the journey, help you find what you need.

It can and should take time

No aggressive and very direct emails in the first contacts.

Automation outlines sending plans, even semi-annual, as the person becomes open to contact. Lightness coupled with assertive messages are the ideal way for this strategy to work.

Be open to feedback and test whenever possible before starting big shots.

Reap the rewards of your relationship ruler

As we have shown throughout this article, automation is a process designed to optimize lead generation and, consequently, online sales.

By creating a relationship ruler, you save time and make it easier for the person to advance through the funnel stages. However, it is necessary to do it in the right way, with study and strategy, to avoid the opposite effect of your actions.

In addition to becoming a loyal consumer, the person who is satisfied with your approach can go for the popular and always effective “word of mouth marketing”, referring your services to acquaintances.

Now, you already know more details about this email marketing strategy and how it can boost your online sales. So be sure to think smartly about the customer journey.