What is Meta Description, what it is for, and how to write it for your content.

What is Meta Description?


Meta Description is the text that you find just below the Title of your file in the Google SERP, which serves to summarize all the content. But why is it so important for SEO?

Those who invest in SEO strategies need to deal with several types of different parameters that influence the positioning of the content. Whether in content, site performance, HTML, or even link building.

The Meta Description may not directly impact the positioning of your website or blog, but it is still very important for organic traffic. After all, the algorithm and robots can determine your site's position in the SERP, but who chooses which content to access is the human user. Therein lies the importance of offering him a good experience.

Do you want to know more about what Meta Description is, what it is for, how to write your content, and what impact it has on getting traffic? Everything you need is right here in the content.


What is Meta Description?

The Meta Description is an HTML element with the function of being the text summary of the page's content. This small snippet is not visible to the user on the page itself but appears just below the title in Google search results.

Currently, the goal is no longer a positioning criterion for Google's algorithms, but that doesn't mean it doesn't matter anymore. Even more so if we take into account that it is also visible when sharing content on social networks. Anyone who ignores or does not care about this element realizes the consequences of their results.


How important is the Meta Description?

But if the Description is no longer a ranking factor for a page, what is its importance then? In an exercise of imagination, we can say that the goal is part of the “facade” of its content. As in an establishment, entering or not can be a decision made merely by looking at this facade.

The meta description here serves as a summary of your content and also as a gimmick. That is, it can be decisive for the user to access your website instead of others positioned on the same SERP or influence the decision to access a link posted on social networks. In practice, then, the Description is crucial for capturing traffic, whether in search engines or in some network. After all, it is one of your resources to differentiate yourself in the midst of so much content competition.


How to write a good Meta Description?

Being so important, it is clear that knowing how to write the meta description of your content is an indispensable skill for your content strategy. That's why we've separated some tips that can help you throughout the description writing process.

Code or WordPress

Even if you don't understand code and programming language, inserting your description there is quite simple. In code, it should look like this: <meta name="description" content="Insert text here"> In blogging tools like WordPress, there are plugins that generate a text field where the goal must be entered.

Character limit

If the idea is to summarize the content in an attractive way, the ideal is for the description to appear complete in the Google SERP. For this, it is recommended to respect the limit of 160 characters.

The opposite extreme can also be detrimental to results, as information is limited. Be objective The space available to grab the user's attention is not much, so get straight to the point of your content. State what you are going to talk about, what topics are covered, and the importance of the topic. Most importantly, use the keyword early on where it can stand out.

Use copy and mental triggers

Copywriting techniques and mental triggers are powerful weapons that can be used when creating a description. Arouse the reader's interest by directly attacking their needs, scarcity, and urgency, among others.

Insert call-to-action

The CTA or call to action is a way of instructing the reader on what action to take after reading the description. So don't be afraid to end your summary with a “click here to learn more” or “access the content for more information”.

Test and test

Last but not least, remember that in digital marketing everything is a test. Experiment with different formats, triggers, and CTAs and find out which ones bring the best results.


It's time to turbocharge your organic traffic.

In this context, we understand that the Meta Description is a short summary of your text that must be inserted as an HTML element to appear in search engines and social networks.

Although it is no longer considered a ranking factor in Google, it greatly impacts the results of your content marketing efforts. Being the element that differentiates you from the competition in this space. We also brought some important tips for creating your descriptions. Don't forget to respect the character limit, be objective, and use mental triggers and CTAs.

Muhammad Naeem Sajid