What is a microsite?

What is a microsite?

What is a microsite


A microsite is a digital structure that has been growing a lot and helping in the development of many companies. Want to know how? Then this content is for you! For companies in any industry, having a well-established online presence is part of the most basic principles.

Many tools, strategies, platforms, and the like have emerged over time to enable digital business insertion. Today we are going to talk about one of them: the microsite. Also known as a “micro page”, this structure is defined as a page created on the internet to promote or inform about a particular product or company. It is usually part of a temporary internet advertising campaign. Want to know more about microsite and micro page? Here's some information and tips we bring to you:


What is a microsite?

Microsite or micro page, as the name implies, is a reduced site structure, usually with only one page. That's because, the microsite aims to promote or inform users about a product, service, or company.

Most of the time, the microsite is temporary, being part of a certain advertising campaign. In addition, the micro page can be used for professional purposes within a company, functioning as a place for information, dates, reminders, etc. The microsite can also be used to organize links and support company activities outside the internet.


What are the characteristics of a micro page?

Now that we know what a microsite is, let's understand what its characteristics are and how it can be classified according to them. It is essential to understand that a microsite cannot be defined just as a “small site”. After all, there are many other types of websites considered small that are not microsites.

Of course, the micro page is a reduced site. But within this reduced space, it condenses important information about a particular product or service. Another common feature is that the microsite is usually part of a temporary campaign, remaining online for a short time. However, there are some cases of permanent microsites, such as those created to disseminate information about a neighborhood trade, for example.

Another striking feature of the micro page is the contents of a single page. That is, on just one page on the site, it is possible to find all the information about a particular campaign, company, product, or service.


What are the benefits of microsites?

The micro page has several benefits and can be used by digital entrepreneurs for the development of marketing. For this, in a microsite, the content created must be very well targeted, with direct information, without rambling or empty words.

In addition, betting on this structure is a low-investment campaign possibility, focusing only on what is important: information reaching the target audience. Among other things, this helps to elevate your position on Google due to SEO, ensuring more access and organic interactions.

Finally, it is fair to say that when the micro page is well produced, it helps in the appearance of the site and the company, leaving the information cleaner and more summarized, without congestion on the page.


When to use a micro page?

The microsite can be used in many ways, it all depends on the size of the company and its purpose. Despite being a good idea for micro-entrepreneurs, the implementation of the microsite must be done with planning and strategy.

After all, to achieve successful results, you need to understand the needs of your company and your target audience. The micro page can be used for internal content as well as internet advertising campaigns. It is also interesting to use a microsite if you have a small digital business and want to show the public aspects of your product or your brand, for example.

In addition, using linked digital strategies is critical to the success of your results. So, bet on SEO, marketing and sales funnel tactics aligned with your micro page and see your results boost a lot.


Microsite may be what your business needs to take off!

You have seen that the microsite is widely used in the digital world. That's because it has features that small, medium and large companies take advantage of a lot. In addition, of course, entrepreneurs who are starting digital businesses.

Due to its low investment and interesting return, the micro page can be an interesting way to develop the marketing of your business. Always, of course, planning and developing strategies to avoid making mistakes in choosing the microsite.

Muhammad Naeem Sajid